MBTA Rail Tracker


Real-time tracking for the Commuter Rail.
Available on iOS and Android.


  • Real-time location data

    View your train's current stop, next stop, predicted arrival times, GPS location, speed, and coach number.
  • Departures Board

    Boarding track numbers display next to each trip originating from North and South Station. Also view a dedicated departures screen to see the entire departures board.
  • Late Status

    A "late" status appears when the MBTA predicts that a train will arrive later than the scheduled time ‐ even before a delay is announced.
  • Service Alerts

    View current and upcoming service alerts for each trip.
  • Schedules

    A full schedule view for each trip with predicted and scheduled arrival times.
  • Maps

    Map integration allows you to see exactly where your train and other in-progress trains are, complete with rail line overlays and stop markers.
  • History

    View a history of your train's on-time percentage, boarding tracks, and coach numbers.
  • Crowd-sourced Data

    Is a prediction wrong? Train delayed mid-trip? Wondering if your train is standing room only? Discuss through the "Reports" button next to each trip.
  • Twitter

    Easy access to the @MBTA_CR Twitter account where status updates and additional info is usually posted in the event of a delay.
  • Favorite Trips

    Add trips to your favorites list for easy access later.

Help / FAQ

How accurate is this app?
Our data comes directly from the MBTA's real-time feeds. We don't make any predictions ourselves; this app is simply a UI sitting on top of the MBTA's data. That said, their data is accurate enough to give you a general idea of the status of your train but not accurate enough to set your watch by.

For example, trains generally report themselves as on time with a predicted arrival/departure time equal to the scheduled arrival/departure time so long as the train is less than 5 minutes late (the "5 minute rule"). Furthermore, if a train is delayed mid-trip it can take up to 15 minutes (this is anecdotal) for the delay to propagate through the feeds. Lastly, the MBTA's feeds tend to operate on a 1-2 minute delay.
Why are you showing me all trains at once? I only care about a specific train.
There are two reasons:
  1. To give you more context around the state of your rail line in general. For example, I may choose to take the 5:30 PM train instead of the 5:15 PM train if the 5:15 PM is delayed but the 5:30 PM is on time. Or, if I normally take the 5:30 PM train but see that it's been cancelled, I can see which alternate trains are on time and plan accordingly. These decisions are easier to make if I can see all my options in one place.
  2. Seasoned commuters who are intimately familiar with their line schedule tend to know which trains affect other trains. For example, the Worcester/Framingham 509 outbound train from South Station turns around into the 514 inbound train at Framingham. If I can see that the 509 train is running 25 minutes late and I want to take the 514, I can deduce that the 514 will late as well before a delay announcement is made.
Does this app work with the light rail systems (Green, Red, etc. lines)?
Not at this time. This app is specifically for the Commuter Rail.
Does this app work with the Cape Flyer, Patriots game day, or special concert trains?
Unfortunately the MBTA does not provide real-time tracking for these "special" trips. We're ready to support them if/when that changes.
Why is there a dedicated view to the @MBTA_CR Twitter account?
The MBTA alert system is automated but their Twitter account is controlled by a human. Delay announcements, train locations, and other status updates are often announced on Twitter before they show up in their feeds. What's more, you can ask @MBTA_CR for the status of your train and they'll usually respond.
Where can I send my questions/comments/feature requests/bug reports?
Please e-mail me at [email protected], or reach out on Twitter.